Summer Self-Care Checklist

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last post. It was a very busy end of season for the dance company and I desperately needed to take some time for self-care. I also made a huge decision in my personal life and ended a three-year relationship with someone I love and care about very much. To say I needed some time to myself is an understatement.


As some of you know, I work as a nanny, I’m the box office assistant at the Egg, and my main job is as a performer, teacher, and arts-in-ed coordinator for the dance company. My life is insane at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love being busy and I’m grateful to get a chance to do what I love every day.

It is the off-season for the dance company right now, which means I have five glorious weeks off to rest my body and catch up on some sleep. I still work my other jobs, but there isn’t any preparation work involved. It’s an odd feeling to have off every night of the week and to not bring any work home with me! The summer is the only time I get a grasp on what it’s like to work a 9-5 like the majority of Americans 😉

Because of the aforementioned huge change in my life and all of the free time I have, I’ve needed to find new ways to cope and give myself all of the love and care I deserve. I’ve compiled a list of things that work for me and maybe they’ll work for you too! The list is in no particular order 🙂

  1. Buy yourself flowers and/or buy someone you love flowers. You’ll appreciate the beautiful life it adds to your home and giving them to someone else will definitely brighten their day and yours, in turn.
  2. Find a piece of clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful and wear it when you’re feeling down. My motto is look good, feel good and it usually works!
  3. Exercise! I love going to yoga, swimming, and walking. It makes you feel good and it’s good for you!
  4. Take some selfies and/or glamour shots. I’m serious! And share them! It’s actually been proven beneficial for your mental health.
  5. Buy this bubble bath and take a good soak! My brother got it for me for my birthday and it’s AMAZING. It’s great for an aching body and mind.
  6. Eat healthy food! I love to indulge, but I feel my best when I’m putting good things into my body….like acai bowls 😉
  7. Go to bed early and get some sleep. I’ve been struggling with sleep lately, so this is a goal of mine.
  8. Set goals for yourself and work toward them! I recently reached a goal of mine that I set in 2013. It feels good to slowly work toward something, even if it seems impossible.
  9. Plant herbs, flowers, a tree, or buy a new houseplant. Perhaps take better care of the plants you already have. It’s amazing and fulfilling to watch something grow because of your care.
  10. Hang out with friends and put yourself in situations where you’ll meet new people.
  11. Find someone to talk to that you trust.
  12. Take yourself on a date! I personally enjoy taking myself to the movies and out for ice cream.
  13. Go to the beach.
  14. Spend time with your family.
  15. Listen to new music and make a playlist of songs that make you happy.
  16. Read a lot of books.
  17. Go on a hike.
  18. Try something new.
  19. Take a day trip somewhere you’ve never been before.
  20. Surround yourself with people that love you and make you laugh. The laughing part is important!
  21. Bake cookies for those people that you love!
  22. And the last one…buy handsoap that smells really good? Idk. I just love really good smelling handsoap.


IMG_4992 (3).jpg

The list may not apply to you and that’s totally cool. They are just things that I’ve found to be helpful. If you have any suggestions of other things I should be doing, send them my way!

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