Hello, hello! I’m Maggie(Marge, Margie, Mags) the gal behind the baking and decorating. I started Marge Bakes as a blog in 2013 as a way for me to hone my skills as a baker and develop the recipes that I love! A recently retired professional dancer, I’m now offering my specialty cakes and sweets to order.

My baking obsession started with light bulbs. I was an easy bake oven gal—pour mix in bowl, add water, end up with half-baked mush that barely made it past the back flap of the oven(cooling chamber my butt!) That being said, as soon as my Sito (Lebanese Arabic for grandmother) let me use the oven, I quickly retired my easy bake oven and never looked back. (She let me put pre-made cookie dough onto baking sheets. It was THE life).

A creative at heart, I love getting wild with decoration and having the freedom to explore flavor pairings in fun ways. No two cakes will ever look exactly the same, so if you want something really traditional, I’m not your girl! That being said, I want to work with you to make something that you really love to look at and eat.



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